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"Free" Websites Myth
The "free" sites you may find or be offered by your landlord are not free. Your rent payments cover your landlords commercial arrangement with those providers and they recover that cost directly from your rent. (Yes you are paying for everyones membership too - even if you do not access the service yourself).

We do not operate a blanket membership service (full of fee-free hunters), or attempt to hide our charge. We know our service is much more productive our way.

The results are that ALL of our members are actively seeking to exchange right NOW, and not simply taking a service that they have no intention of accessing or using. Put simply, we do not operate a window-shopping type of service.

Detailed Exchange Info
We focus on providing as much property information as possible. We currently automatically load Google® Streetview,® short-url's and automatically find your address, saving you typing it.

Future plans include a markered map, showing the school performances results in the locality of where you currently live and want to live.

Search, Match & Exchange
We use powerful search & match capabilities. When you join our network, you really do become "plugged in".

Pinning your mark on our exchange network rapidly attracts others to it.

Follow the simple steps to join, and thousands of interested swappers will see your property and be able to consider a home exchange with you.

Get Connected - Using MHE
It's all about building a relationship. This starts with you pinning your mark onto our network. Then let the discussion begin.

1. Register - complete our registration form.
2. Fill out your Property Profile information.
3. Provide photos - doing so increases others' interest.
4. Copy/paste your short-url ( onto your Facebook® wall.
5. Tweet your property profile via Twitter®.

Under/Over Occupancy
On April 1st 2013, new legislation came into effect, whereby anyone in social housing under-occupying their property, with one extra bedroom, will have 14% deducted from their benefit, and 25% for two or more bedrooms. This change is expected to affect 650,000 households.

Our top advice. Ask your Landlord if you are affected by the changes and join MHE so you can realign your housing arrangements, to avoid the so called "bedroom-tax".

How Does MHE Help Me?
Once you are listed on our network, you have a full property profile which gets immediately indexed by the major search engines. When other people search for a mutual exchange in "mytown" they will see your listing.

Our matching service automatically matches tenants to each other, based on the users' preferences.

MHE provide you with the council home property details, and other useful local information. So during your search, you can build up your local knowledge too. MHE will search and match you to relevant, freshly listed council home exchanges from all over the UK.

Council Swap Mutual Home Exchange

Integrated council swap mutual home exchange provides a council home search, match and swap service, for all council tenants seeking to find a council exchange.

A better council exchange network
Powerful searching & matching
Less hours spent searching forums
Avoid the under-occupancy Tax

Search locally or nationwide
Quick & easy to use

Less timewasters
Social media superpowers

Join Now
Double Duration Special Offer
For a limited time, you will get double duration membership on all of our subscription plans. For example: 6 months Plan = 12 months

To find a better sized council home:-
1. Sign-up today and join our popular council exchange network.
2. Put your mark on the mutual council exchange map.
3. See your council exchange conversations begin.

If you live in a Council or Housing Association home, and you want to search for a better size council home, then Subscribe today.

To start you council exchange conversation - join our popular mutual home exchange list.
  • View Details LEEDS, LS8 2NT
    Large 4 bedroom house, 2 large double rooms and 2 single...
    Bedrooms: 4
    Type: House
    Disabled Adapted: No No
    Prefer:  Need to Downsize Need to Downsize

  • View Details LONDON, E16 2HN
    I live next to a London City Airport which is good for...
    Bedrooms: 2
    Type: House
    Disabled Adapted: No No
    Prefer:  Like For Like Like For Like

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