Your frequently asked questions

Here we have answered most of your regular questions.

General FAQ's
What is mutual home exchange?

A Home Exchange is an arrangement in which social housing tenants agree to exchange homes. There are criteria each LandLord will require to be met before an exchange can take place. Contact your LandLord for more information.

What do MHE do with any information that is collected?

We store your information on our system securely so we can deliver our service to you. Once you leave our membership we will shortly after delete your details. We will never pass your details to anyone else without your prior consent.

Can I search for properties even though I am not a member?

No you cannot search without being a paid member. You will need to subscribe to view full property and contact details. There is no point providing non-member access to the search facility, as our service requires two parties or more for an exchange to be able to occur.

Who can see my contact details?

Only registered members can view your contact details. No one sees your full address.

Membership FAQ's
How do I register?

Registration is straightforward involving 3 steps.
1. Registration
2. Payment
3. Property Profile 

I have a question about my login details

If you cannot login, click here to receive a new password.
If you still cannot access your account, or have any other login related
question, email us or use our Contact form.

How do I make my subscription payment?

During registration - after email validation - you will be directed to PayPal who will process your payment on our behalf. If your debit card/ bank account is lined to your PayPal account then login and pay, else use the PayPal website as a guest and just use your debit/credit card.

Can I check when my account is due to expire?

Login and go to My Membership. Your expiry date is shown there.
You can renew your membership when you are within one month from the expiry date.
Simply click Subscription(s) in your membership area.

Can I cancel my subscription with MHE?

Simply let your account expire or go to My Membership and select 'Close Account'. We will close your account and make it unavailable immediately and remove your details from our systems.

Property related FAQ
I have a question about my property/advert

If you have a question regarding your property profile advert, ask us using our Contact form or by emailing us.

How up to date are your listings?

All our listings are active and currently available to contact using our website for the length of membership selected and paid for at registration. We delete the listings of members who fail to renew/upkeep their membership.
This way you are assured of less or no timewasters.

How do I see my matches?

Login to 'My Reception' and then select 'My Matches'.

Can I add photographs of my property?

Yes, simply login and select 'My Property Settings'. Then select 'Photos' to add your property photos for others to see.
Remember, users with photos added are 8 times more likely to get visitors and offers.

Using our website FAQ's
How do I change my details?

To change your membership details login and select 'My Membership'.
To change your property details - including your public contact details - login and select 'My Property Settings'.

Can I edit my listing?

Yes. When you become a member, you can view and edit your listing from your Profile.

I have a query about my Questions and Answers

Once you are a member, you can message other tenants directly. They will be emailed with your question and may display your question and their answer on their listing profile.

How can I find the best exchange for me?

Our main advice is:-
a) signup and complete ALL of your property profile information.
b) Create/use your Twitter® account to tweet and promote your listing to Landlords (and many other followers) across the UK.
c) Use our 'Recommend MHE' form - we reward you by adding your property to our homepage for a few page impressions,
thus promoting your property even more for free.
d) Use our search form, or look through your matches, which our system creates for you based on your choice of settings.

How do I register?

Click Join Now on our homepage, Register at the top right side of any page or click here.

How do I login?

To login, add your username and password at the top righthand side of any page. Or you can click here.

How do I read my messages?

Your messages received are emailed to you and available within your Property Profile page. You can view, reply and delete any messages you receive have.

How do I post a question to a member?

Login and view the members property. Add your message in the text input area near the bottom of the page.
The member will receive your message via email and within their MHE account area.

How can I contact MHE?

If we have not answered your question here, contact us using our Contact form or email us.
We will reply as quickly as we can.

Did you not see your question here? Need more help?

If we have not answered your question, contact us using our Contact form or email us.
We will reply as quickly as we can.

Tenant FAQ's
I have a query regarding my landlord

Does my landlord offer free membership to your website?
No, currently we do not partner with landlords, but it is something we are working on for the future.

Do I need my landlords permission to list my property here?

No, but it would be smart to speak with your landlord and get their approval that you can exchange.
Then update this flag in your MHE settings, so other landlords/tenants can see you already have authority to exchange.

Are there any reasons my landlord can refuse my request for an exchange?

Yes there are legal reasons a landlord may decline to allow you to exchange.
Consult with your landlord for information regarding their particular policy and your personal situation.

I like a property I have seen here - what do I do now?

Once you find a property you like, add it to your favourites and then
(after having done all of your further research), make contact with the tenant to arrange for a first viewing.

Any advice for me before the first viewing?

See our 'Home Swapper Tips' for our advice regarding property viewings.

Do you know of any tenant advisory services?

View our 'Social Housing Directory' - we regularly update the list of sector bodies, charities and agencies there.